Host your own live, weekend bootcamp

Share your knowledge, train others, and make money over the weekend.

Set your own price and build your own loyal community.

Weekend bootcamps are extremely easy to set up and monetize and Camply takes only a 10% cut on any paid bootcamps you host.

Don't worry about the boring work

Camply handles all of the logistics, payments, and the admin work for you so all you have to care about is delivering great content and telling the world about your program!

Logistics handled for you

Camply will set up a page for your bootcamp that you can drive traffic to and a community for your students they can call home.

Administrative tasks handled for you

Camply automatically sends Zoom invites to everyone that signs up and also shares recordings after the sessions.

Payments and enrollment handled for you

Camply will take care of registration and handling payments with your students. Simply let us know which students you are willing to take into your program.

Your Experience. Your Brand. Your Knowledge. You.

Camply's focus is on you. Bring your experience and knowledge to the fore and build an incredible experience for your students and reap the benefits in a weekend.

Charge a premium for your live experience

Students value interacting live with the hosts and look for personalized help. This allows you to provide higher value and charge a premium for the same.

Your students. Your Content. Your Data.

Export the list of students and that sign up for your program whenever you want. Get automatic access to your recordings and share them as you please!